Status of Pandora Project's Websites

Website status: Fully Operational
Last Updated: 08/05/21 07:15:02 AM

Server Migration

SF Game and Forum Backup and Migration in Progress
SF Taverns: Unlocked :) SF Forums: Unlocked :)
SF Game: Locked Until Reset of 7/27 [All Backup and Migration Complete]
Last Updated: 6 PM (EST)

Phase I: Preparation Stage Yes Move Non-essential sites to the new server.
Phase II: Bug/PP Move Stage Yes Move Bug Tracker and Pandora Project main site
Phase III: Main Secfenia Stage Mostly Yes*** Reset won't run July 27th reset Move Secfenia Game and Forums over to new site. This will require a lock in the day system.
Phase IV: Wiki Stage Not Yet Move Wiki to new server
Phase V: Spin Down Stage Not Yet Backup all old files from old server and decommission it.

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